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How can I pay for my advert?

If you choose the Platinum category (subscription payment), you can pay for your advert online in a completely secure way. The payment methods available are:

  • Bank direct debit: You will have to have your full IBAN on hand.
  • By Visa or Mastercard card: You must indicate your card’s full number.
  • Wire transfer: You will see that you can send the money to a number of different bank accounts. Once performed, we will send you a receipt for the same by e-mail.

The price for the advert will appear when you make the payment, with VAT included (if applicable) and we will also request your details to send you the corresponding invoice:

  • Name and surnames of the person or the company the invoice is to be made out to
  • Address
  • Tax ID No./ Corporate VAT number
  • Post Code
  • Town/City
  • Province
  • Country

If you opt for the Premium/payment per booking category, you will pay nothing for publishing your ad and you will see that in the publication process we will ask you for your IBAN to pay you the booking amounts minus the service commission fees.

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Updated on 5 October, 2018
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