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Advice for a satisfactory rental

Renting a holiday home is very simple and at Rentalia we also want it to be safe and satisfactory both for accommodation owners and travellers. Very often disagreements and negative opinions stem from poor communication between the two parties.

If you are going to rent a holiday home, we would like to give you some pieces of advice so you will not have to worry about anything during your stay.

Accommodation details and features

Try to clarify all the questions concerning the accommodation that are most important for you: Address and exact location of the accommodation, distances and ways of accessing the places you are interested in, sleeping arrangements and bedroom distribution, terrace equipment, kitchen utensils, bed linen and towels, possible noise, etc. 

Make sure you have a clear “image” of the accommodation, because the majority of negative comments are due to false expectations.

Find out the total cost

It is important that you confirm the rental price with the owner. In the lists and in the advert, what is shown is the minimum price charged for that accommodation per night, but that price/night may be only applicable if you rent for a fortnight or a month. Hence it is very important that you contact the owner to confirm what the accommodation will cost for the days you wish and for the number of people staying.

Furthermore, we recommend you find out the total cost involved: Sometimes cleaning of the accommodation, parking or utilities and services are charged apart and represent an additional cost.

A clear outline of the total amounts to be paid up to arrival, return of the surety deposit upon departure and conditions in the event of cancellation, help to avoid unexpected surprises.

Use the online booking service; it is safer and it is commission-free!

An increasing number of accommodation units offer Online Booking. Rentalia offers accommodation owners a tool to accept online bookings which involves no commission fee for travellers like you.

Furthermore, booking through the Rentalia platform gives you a plus in security because payment is made by card (one of the most secure means of payment) and what you pay as a booking deposit does not reach the owner until you arrive at the accommodation. You can of course send the owner an e-mail whenever you like and clarify your doubts before booking the accommodation.

It is important to have a contract in writing

To avoid misunderstandings and provide security both for the owner and the traveller, we recommend you sign a written contract. On Rentalia you have examples of both booking and rental contracts.

 The contract should clearly indicate the rental conditions. It is also advisable to include important information such as dates and arrival and departure times.

Specify with the owner how the keys will be handed over and the condition in terms of cleaning upon arrival and departure.

Make arrangements with the owner as to how you will receive the keys and how they are to be returned at the end of your stay. Furthermore, find out if a change of sheets or cleaning is included for stays exceeding 7 days.

Obtain several contact telephone numbers: Mobile and landline

It is advisable that in addition to having the owner’s e-mail address you also have a telephone number to be able to contact them. Therefore, if an emergency occurs during your stay (a breakdown or failure, for example), you will be able to contact them. A landline number offers more guarantees as regards the owner’s identity.

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Updated on 24 April, 2024

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