How do we sort the results?

When a user performs an accommodation search, they are shown the accommodation units that exactly match the criteria of the search performed. Within these, the order is as follows:

  • Featured ads: adding a feature is what best positions an ad; Regardless of the type it is, it will be placed above the rest of the accommodation. If there are already several featured ads in an area, the order will be adjusted based on the rest of the criteria that we detail below.
  • The first positions are occupied by Platinum ads
  • ollowed by these go the Premium (Pay per booking)
  • And then come then Classic ads, in free trial

Within ads of the same range, the order depends on several factors:

  • Address Verification
  • Updated calendar: remember that you have to do it at least once a month or the ad will stop appearing in searches by date
  • online booking. The instant booking modality positions better than the on request booking modality.
  • Acceptance rate and response speed of the online bokking.
  • Rate and response time of the request forms.
  • Updated and competitive prices: both basic and seasonal prices.
  • Minimum reservation days
  • Photos: improve the number and quality of photos
  • Descriptions: detailed, and in several languages, the more the better
  • Show exact address, since in this way the ad appears in map searches
  • Comments: encourage travelers to leave good comments
  • Add location details: distance to places of interest
  • Equipment improvements, Wi-Fi…
  • Allow pets.

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Updated on 12 January, 2024

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