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How is the price of a stay calculated?


  • Price per night: rate for 1 night during the week (from Sunday to Thursday both included).
  • Weekend night price: rate for 1 weekend night (Friday and Saturday).
  • Price per week: rate for 7 consecutive nights.
  • Price per fortnight: rate for 14 consecutive nights.
  • Price per month: rate for 29 consecutive nights.
  • Extra Guest Price: The extra guest fee is applied per person per night. e.g. For accommodation with a minimum capacity of 4 and a maximum of 6 people; If an extra cost per guest is added, it will apply for the 5th and 6th traveler.
  • Extras: each accommodation can have additional expenses configured, mandatory or optional, which can be set per night, per stay, per person and night, or per person and stay.


If you are an advertiser, keep in mind when setting the prices in Rentalia:

  • By indicating the price per night, the system performs a multiplication based on the duration of the week (x 7 nights), fortnightly (x 14 nights) and month (x 29 nights).
  • The price per night when the season is weekly, fortnightly or monthly must always be less than or equal to the price per night.


All published accommodations have at least a basic price configured, which can be completed with fixed prices for specific seasons or dates

Basic price: the basic price is applied if the dates chosen by the traveler do not have a special seasonal price configured.
Seasons: specific price configured during a specific period of the year. Seasons allow e.g. put different prices in high season and low season, on a specific holiday or event…
Minimum rental nights: it is the minimum duration that is set to be able to rent the accommodation, it is configured independently in the basic price and the seasons.


Prices are calculated according to units of night, week, fortnight and month

price of 8 nights applies the [price week] + [price night].
price of 25 nights applies the [price fortnight] + [price week] + [price night] x 4.
Additional nights will always be calculated according to the day of the week on which they fall, and the price per weekend night will be applied, if any of them is Friday or Saturday.

How prices are calculated when the selected dates belong to more than one season
When seasons are combined, the calculation is done independently for each of the seasons, not only in prices but also in minimum rental nights, which must be met for each season

The best way to understand it is with an example.

An accommodation with this configuration:

06/20 to 06/30: night €50; weekend night €60; week €315; fortnight €602; month €1,160.
07/01 to 07/31: night €60; weekend night €70; week €385; fortnight €742; month €1,450.
For a stay from 06/20 to 07/05, the resulting price would be:

First season: 7 nights (week) + 3 nights + 1 weekend night.
[€315] + [3 x €50] + [€60]= €525

Second season: 1 weekend night + 3 loose.
[€70] + [3 x €60]= €250

Total: €775


How prices are calculated if there are mandatory extras

The extras configured per person and stay or per person and night will always be applied to the basic capacity of the accommodation. If an additional capacity has been set, once the number of people of the basic capacity is exceeded, the cost of the extras will be applied for each of the additional people.

If an accommodation has a basic capacity of 3 people, and an additional capacity of 2 more people, extras will be applied for three people, even if it is reserved for only two people. If the stay is for 4 people, the extras applied will be for four people

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Updated on 1 August, 2023

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