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Rules and guidelines for sending opinions correctly

  • Tell us your experience of staying in the accommodation.
  • Try to comment on things other users will find interesting (comfort, location, surroundings, etc.).
  • Try to be objective and specific: each reader will have very different tastes.
  • Try to make a fair judgement, comparing the accommodation with others you’ve stayed in.
  • Don’t use insulting, offensive or swear words.
  • Do not make libellous or slanderous comments that are against Spanish law.
  • Don’t comment more than once on the same accommodation.
  • Don’t make reference to another comment on the same page.
  • This service is subject in its access, presentation and use to the conditions of our Legal Notice.
  • Rentalia reserves the right not to publish those comments that it considers inappropriate.
  • Rentalia is not responsible for user’s comments. By sending a comment, you also accept that it is your sole responsibility.

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Updated on 22 November, 2018

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