The cheque/Bank transfer trick

The target of this swindle is almost always an accommodation advertiser.

A user contacts you interested in renting your house for several months and furthermore they want to pay the entire rental amount immediately. To pay you they send you a cheque for more than the agreed amount (if the stay costs €3,000, for example, they send a cheque for say €5,000). Then they tell you there has been a mistake, that you should cash the cheque in your bank and then send them the difference direct. The trick resides in the fact that a cheque may take several days (or even several weeks) to clear and until then your bank will not realise that it was a false cheque or it has bounced and you will have lost the money you have sent to the fraudster.


  • Never consider a payment finalised until it has been confirmed by your bank.

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Updated on 10 March, 2020

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