The fake house

You find a marvellous house, with everything you are looking for and much cheaper than normal. When you talk to the advertiser, absolutely no problems: They can give you a discount, pick you up at the airport if necessary, do some shopping for when you arrive… The aim is that you pay them to book a house that does not actually exist or that belongs to someone else.


  • Don’t trust the listing:
    • if the price is below the market in the area, or spectacular houses at low prices. We recommend that beforehand you compare prices and conditions of the home that interests you, with other accommodation with similar features in the area.
    • if the owner pressures you too much to not lose the “opportunity” which they are offering you.
    • if they ask you to divert the payment to another website, and they send you a link to this (it is likely that the link is false or it doesn’t correspond to the website they are indicating). We recommend that you never transfer an advance or reservation payment outside of Rentalia and its Online Booking or Anti-Fraud Warranty.
    • In general, things which seem too good to be true.
  • Check, in the contact section, if the advertiser has any type of verification: the length of time of the owner and/or the address of the accommodation. Read carefully “What does verified mean?”.

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Updated on 15 October, 2019

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