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Cancellations due to COVID-19

The health emergency caused by the rapid spread of the pandemic has completely halted travel plans of all of us, and at times has meant rescheduling them during a situation of uncertainty.
However, now that we are on the road to the new normal, there are more possibilities of dealing with any unforeseen events.
Moreover, assessing alternatives and making your holidays more flexible contributes positively to the recovery of a sector that has been particularly affected in recent months.

I have a confirmed reservation and want to cancel it

Whatever the reason or circumstance that prevents you from enjoying a reservation, the first thing to do is to inform the owner of the accommodation.

Whenever the availability of the property allows it, the best option is to maintain your reservation by postponing the dates in which you enjoy your stay. This modification has no additional cost and is carried out by the owner from their private area, without Rentalia having to approve it.

If you do not find alternative solutions, it is necessary that you formalise the cancellation by accessing your reservation confirmation receipt. You can also consult the information regarding the applicable cancellation policy.
If the stay has been affected by the State of Alarm or there is some restriction to the mobility that prevents travel to your accommodation, consult the cancellation conditions writing to [email protected]

I want to book, but what happens in case of cancellation?
Before completing your reservation, you can consult the cancellation conditions applicable to the chosen accommodation.

As long as the cancellation period applied by the owner has not expired, you can cancel your reservation by paying only the costs of the card payment, which is equivalent to 2% + VAT of the advance payment.

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Updated on 3 July, 2020

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