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Instant booking, what does it consist of?

By activating the instant booking mode, the booking requests received by this accommodation will be confirmed automatically, once the traveller completes the payment of the deposit.

These are the advantages of instant booking compared to booking on request:

  • Preferred method by travellers
  • More visibility for your accommodation
  • Better conversions and revenue
  • Easier management

Important before activating instant booking

You already know how important it is to have the prices and the calendar always updated; if you also prefer to work with instant booking mode, these updates are key to avoid confirming bookings on dates that you do not have available or with prices that are not correct.

Our recommendation is that before activating instant booking you should check your price table and the available dates for your accommodation, as well as the configuration of your online bookings (cancellation policy, charge of the rest…).


How do I activate instant booking?

  • If you are publishing new accommodation, in the online booking activation process, we will give you the option to activate the immediate booking mode. Once the accommodation is published, you will be able to modify the booking mode whenever you need to.
  • If you already have an active accommodation on Rentalia, it is as simple as accessing your Rentalia dashboard and checking the immediate booking checkbox, available for each accommodation.


In the same way, if at any time you prefer to switch to on-request booking mode, and confirm your bookings manually, you just have to uncheck the checkbox.

If at the time of activating the instant booking you have not updated the calendar in the last 30 days, we will notify you in this way:

If, once the instant booking is activated, you stop updating your calendar, temporarily, the bookings you receive will work in the on-demand mode, until you update the availability again.

How do you differentiate accommodation with instant booking in the list?

This is how we identify accommodation with instant booking:


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Updated on 13 april, 2023

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