Wat is online boeken?

Online booking is a service that allows you to formalise and pay for the booking of an accommodation, through the Rentalia website.

Accommodations with online booking provide you with a higher level of security by offering you a secure payment gateway integrated into the advertisement. What’s more, your deposit is guarded by our booking gateway (AvaiBook) until 48 hours after the check-in date.

If you apply the online booking filter in your searches, the system will show you all the accommodations that offer this option.

How can I book online with Rentalia?

  • Instant booking. When you complete the payment of accommodation that has immediate booking, the booking is automatically confirmed.
  • Booking on request. When you fill in the payment details of accommodation that works on a booking on request basis, the advertiser has 24 hours to accept or reject the request before it expires.

If the booking is declined or expires, no charge will be made to your card. Find out more here.

How do you differentiate accommodation with instant booking in the list?

This is how we identify accommodation with instant booking:



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Updated on 25 april, 2023
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