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Ihr Kalender immer auf dem neuesten Stand!

Keeping your calendar up to date is essential in order to manage your listing efficiently, as you will only receive enquiries and bookings for dates that you actually have available, so you won’t have to spend time responding to requests that come in for dates that are already booked.

By keeping your occupancy up to date, you help reduce the frustration of travellers when they realise that they can’t book a property that appears to be available on the dates they are interested in and then turns out to be booked.

If you have the online booking feature, every time you accept a booking received through Rentalia, the dates will be blocked automatically. If you also want to block other dates, remember that you can do it both from the Rentalia panel, with a couple of clicks, and from the AvaiBook panel.

And if you are listing your property on other portals, from your AvaiBook account you will be able to synchronise the calendar in these listings automatically and ensure that they are always up to date.

Do I have to update my calendar, even if I don’t have any new bookings?

Yes, because if you don’t do it at least every 30 days, your listing will stop appearing in searches by date made by travellers, as it is considered out of date. We will notify you by email if we see that you are about to run out of time.

How does the calendar update affect the instant booking mode?

If, once the instant booking is activated, you stop updating your calendar, temporarily, the bookings you receive will work in the on-demand mode, until you update the availability again.

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Updated on 24 April, 2023

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