What to do if your Rentalia account is hacked

If you think someone has hacked you Rentalia account, do as follows. It is important you do this as soon as possible!

Change your password on Rentalia

Request an e-mail to change your password without delay. The sooner you do so, the less time whoever has hacked your account will have to use it.

Change your password on other websites or services

If you used the same password in other places such as your email, Facebook, other website, change it as quickly as possible. It is likely that whoever hacked your account will try to use the same password on other sites to hack your other accounts as well. We recommend you always use different passwords on each website.

Review your data

Check that your contact telephone number, name or the e-mail addresses associated with your account have not been changed. This data can be used to hack your account again even though you may have changed your password, or to steal your identity whilst it is associated with your Rentalia/ account.

Review recent activity

Look at the latest actions undertaken from your accounts: Messages sent, ads registered, payment orders, etc. This way you can see from when your account has been compromised and who may have been affected by the theft of your identity. If you see any suspicious activity, contact the persons affected and if any unauthorised payment has been made, contact your bank.

Contact Rentalia

Notify us! We can help you resolve the problem, ensure that no-one is accessing your account from elsewhere and check suspicious activities.

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Updated on 3 October, 2018
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