How to make a safe password

Some advice for creating a secure password that isn’t easy for others to guess or hack.

Choose a sentence and use it as a password

It could be something perosnal that is easy to memorise. You just have to shorten the words.

E.g. DFTBM! = Don’t Forget To Buy Milk!

Then you can make it a bit trickier:

Adding the second letter of each word in lower case: DoFoToBuMi
adding a symbol between the letters DF@TB@M@!

Use words that mean something to you, reversing the order of the letters and adding numbers and symbols

R1e1t2@s2m3a3H = HamsteR

However, if you use something like HamsterBall@123, which seems to meet all the criteria (minimum of 8 characters, symbols, numbers and upper case letters), it’s actually really easy to figure out because the words are easily identifiable, they begin with a capital letter, and the symbols and numbers are at the end in order.

Never reuse the same password

Of course it’s difficult to remember so many different passwords when you’re accessing dozens of pages every day that require one. For that reason, there are password managers like Identity Safe and LastPass which can help you to create safe passwords and help you manage them so you don’t have to worry about memorising them. They’re even available on your phone.

Having different passwords for the accounts that are most important to you

It can be useful to have different passwords for the pages that are most important for you to protect and another one for all the other less important pages (but still not easy to crack!).

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Updated on 18 October, 2018
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