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How to prevent fraud if you are looking for accommodation

Be alert to inconsistencies from the property owner.

Pay attention to inconsistencies between the owner’s language, their nationality, their telephone number, country of residence, etc. For example, if the owner says they reside in the UK but their telephone number is Spanish.

Be wary of owners who suggest alternative ways of contacting them through the images in the listing.

Be wary of listings that indicate different ways of contacting the advertiser through the photos, rather than the contact form integrated in Rentalia, whether this is by phone, email, WhatsApp or via a different website.

Distrust property owners that try to force you to close the rental arrangement

Don’t trust property owner who pressure you to close the rental agreement as soon as possible by telling you they have other bookings or by offering you discounts if you book immediately.

When making the reservation check the owner’s data

When you sign a contract, make sure that you always see the owner’s ID and basic data. If the owner requests a transfer, the account details must match the details in the contract or given to you by email (name, city of residence, ID, etc.). Do not trust if you are asked to make a transfer to a third person with other data or who lives in another country.

Don’t trust explanations that sound ‘strange’ to you

Just like ‘all life’ scams, Internet scams are usually based on stories full of details that an owner wouldn’t normally mention to you.

Some payment methods are safer than others

Payments by credit card through online booking are the most guaranteed. Direct money transfer services (such as Western Union, Moneygram, etc.) are the least guaranteed. Be wary if this is the only payment option offered to you.
Always use the payment by reservation if the ad has this modality, that is, use the reservation through our platform, to make a secure payment. This step does not imply any extra cost for the traveller, but a guarantee that the owner will not receive the payment until 48 hours after entering the accommodation, when the Anti-Fraud Guarantee is active.

Be wary of payment requests that do not come from Rentalia or AvaiBook

Rentalia online bookings are always paid through the AvaiBook payment platform. If you are offered to pay through another platform, be wary and verify that it is a legitimate request. If you are offered discounts or better prices through some other link or other website, these links are usually false, so suspect.

Check if the owner is verified

To guarantee you a safe and trustworthy stay, we adopt measures of checking, quality and verification of the accommodations, in short anti-fraud controls. We recommend that you read carefully. What does “verified” mean?

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Updated on 15 April, 2021

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