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Requirements and registration procedure

The Gobierno Balear regulates tourist lets (Viviendas Turísticas) and requires that they appear in the corresponding register for tourist businesses, activities and establishments for each island (registro insular de empresas, actividades y establecimientos turísticos) and that the identification number of the Register is shown in the advertisement for the accommodation. To register your tourist accommodation, you must present an affidavit and ensure that the property complies with a series of requirements:

– the marketing of the property for tourism purposes must not be otherwise prohibited by the statutes of the community of homeowners.
– the property must have an Energy Performance Certificate.
– it should be loacted in one of the specific areas declared suitable for that express purpose by the Consejo Insular, the governing body for that particular island.
– you need to have a valid certificate of occupancy (cédula de habitabilidad).
– the property can only be rented as a whole unit, and not room by room.
– there must be a sign that identifies the property as a tourist rental.
– you need to provide a contact number and 24hr emergency telephone helpline for both guests in the property and the homeowner’s association of the building.

To ensure that you meet all these requirements you can consult this guide from the Govern. You  can go to the Dirección General de Turismo.

Tel: 971 176 600

There are also some organisations of owners and managers of tourist properties which you may be interested in contacting.

  • Asociación de Apartamentos y viviendas de uso turístico de Baleares: Habtur
  • Asociación de Viviendas vacacionales en la isla de Menorca: Viturme

Para cumplir con la normativa vigente debes insertar en tu anuncio, la identificación obtenida en el en el correspondiente registro insular de empresas, actividades y establecimientos turísticos. Para ello hemos habilitado un campo específico y de carácter obligatorio que te solicitaremos en el proceso de publicación de tu vivienda.

Mandatory registration

To meet the requirements for the current regulation, you have to include the ID number from the Registro Insular de Empresas, Actividades y Establecimientos Turísticos in your advertisement. We have provided a mandatory field for you to enter your ID number, which we will ask you for when you go to publish your accommodation on Rentalia.

* We cannot guarantee that these regulations have not been subject to recent modifications, and as such recommend that you always double check using the links and contact details we provide.

If you have any doubts about the regulations in your area, write to us at [email protected]

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Updated on 16 October, 2023

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