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Tricks for taking good photos of your home

Use a camera with a wide-angle lens

A wide-angle lens offers a broader view and you will be able to show whole rooms. It must have at least a 24mm lens. And if you record an HD video, much better!! There are a number of compact cameras on the market with these features. Here you can see first a photo taken with a wide-angle lens and the same photo not using this type of lens.

Las fotos, mejor en horizontal

Las fotos horizontales encajan mejor con los visores de fotos en la web, y son perfectas tanto para exteriores como para interiores: seguro que casi todas las habitaciones de tu casa son “más anchas que altas”. Además las fotos se verán más grandes en la pantalla de tu ordenador.

Take outdoor photos on sunny days

Photograph the outside on sunny days with the façade of the house or building in the sunshine. Avoid doing so when the façade is in the shade. The colours are brighter, the sky will be blue and the image will be more eye-catching for travellers.

Take photos of the surroundings

Photograph the surroundings to show where your house is located. If it has important views or is near to a recognisable place, it is essential that this appears in your photos. We want to see the beach 5 minutes away from your house!!!

Take photos of the house in a logical order

Photograph the home in a logical order, so viewers can understand the route. Outside, lobby, entrance, lounge, kitchen, bedrooms… The outdoor photos should include the swimming pool, garden and façade.

Switch on all the lights in the house when taking photos

Even if it is during the day, you will see how the little corners not reached by natural light are all lit up. This way, moreover, the place will have a cosier feel to it.

Tidy up your house to take the photos

Untidiness is visual noise and highly unattractive. Take the photos just as your customers will find the house. That way no-one receives a surprise when they open the door on the first day of their holiday.

Photograph the spaces “facing the furniture”

Show the bed, the sofa, the bathroom suite or the kitchen furniture and appliances. A photo of a bedroom is much more descriptive if you take it facing the bed than if you take it from the side.

Notice the vertical lines

Vertical lines such as door and window frames should appear vertical. Your photos will appear more orderly and above all professional. If you leave slanting lines, the photo will look careless and unnatural. All you have to do is keep the camera perfectly horizontal and on the level.

There is no limit to the number of photos

There is no limit to the number of photos, take advantage. The more photos you include, the more bookings you will get.

The photo gallery is the section that most travellers look at in the advertisement and it is advisable to have a lot of very varied photos. Take photos with a general view and showing the specific features in each space. Highlight your home’s “winning points”. Show the photos with rhythm, as if it were a song: 2/3 general photos of the lounge, one feature; 2/3 photos of the kitchen, one feature..

Add a layout plan

A layout plan can give a lot of information about your house. There are lots of very simple programmes that will help you draw your layout. If computers are not your thing, draw one on paper and take a photo of it.

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Updated on 1 October, 2018

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