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What happens if I cancel a confirmed reservation?

Cancelling a confirmed reservation will negatively affect the plans of your potential guest.

If an unexpected circumstance has occurred that prevents you from accommodating them, first of all discuss it with the traveller, sometimes alternative solutions can be found! You can propose a change of dates or offer other accommodation with similar characteristics.

If you do have to cancel a reservation, you will need to access your AvaiBook panel to do so. In the booking form you will find the option to cancel the booking and here we explain how to do it step by step.

Once you have completed the process, we will send a notification to the customer and generate a refund order for the amount paid. The refund order to the customer is generated only after the whole process has been completed.

Remember that, even if the stay does not take place and regardless of the reason for cancellation, booking fees are non-refundable and the amount is established according to the promotion active in your listing.

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Updated on 3 July, 2020

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