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How can I charge the remaining amount for an online booking?

1. For online reservation activations before 27 December 2021.

If we have not notified you of any changes to the settings for charging the balance of a booking (and deposit if applicable), the payment methods available are set by you and should be clearly specified in your advertisement.
You can choose between:

Cash on arrival (this mode was applied by default when you activated the Premium/Pay per booking promotion).

Program automatic charging rules (BDP), this way Rentalia will take care of 100% of the booking. This method requires a change of settings on your part.

• Make a manual charge on the traveller’s card from your AvaiBook dashboard (remember that you will need to agree any unscheduled charges with the traveller beforehand).

2. For online reservation activations from 27 December 2021.

We have modified the default settings for the charge of the rest of the booking to make it easier, so that the traveller’s card will be charged automatically 7 days before arrival at the accommodation.

This operation has been created through AvaiBook and its payment gateway, so you do not need to register with the bank. It is a complete and secure payment system that complies with PCI regulations and the new PSD2.

We will send you the amount 48 hours after the check-in date or alternativel, if the anti-fraud guarantee is inactive, upon expiry of the Cancellation Policy you have set in the accommodation file.

What if there is a problema with the charge?

The charging policy is stated at the time of booking and is also included in the confirmation voucher we send to the traveller, making it unlikely that there will be any unforeseen circumstances.

Even so, if we have notified you of a failed charge, remember that you have a manual point-of-sale terminal that allows you to quickly solve the problem. Here’s how to manage it.

If you prefer to collect the rest of the booking yourself, you can modify the payment settings at any time from your AvaiBook panel. Remember that the changes made are not retroactive, therefore, they will apply to all the bookings you confirm from that moment onwards.

In this case, it will also be your responsibility to contact the prospective tenant and make sure that they know how and when they will have to pay you the outstanding amount.

Contact your future tenant and make sure they know how and when they will have to pay the outstanding amount.

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Updated on 4 January, 2022

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