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How do I activate online booking in my advertisement?

To activate it, you simply have to select the Premium/Pay per booking option when you go to choose the promotion for your listing.

You can also add this functionality to the Platinum promotion by selecting the ‘Activate online booking’ option in your owner panel.

The activation of online booking is possible thanks to the integration with AvaiBook, idealista’s holiday rental management software.

If you are not registered on AvaiBook we will create a user for you and register your accommodation for free. Please do not forget to provide us with an account number so that we can pay you the amount of the bookings.

In the case that you already have an AvaiBook account, we will link it with your Rentalia user and import the prices you have configured.

When we register you in AvaiBook, we do it with a very advantageous and tailor-made plan. AvaiBook plans have variable costs depending on the amount of accommodation you are listing, but thanks to the special plan subsidised by Rentalia you will be able to manage all the accommodation you have advertised on Rentalia with active online booking. Find out more about your Special Plan and how to make the most out of it.

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Updated on 11 June, 2021

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