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How do I activate online booking on my advertisement?

To activate online booking, simply select the option Premium/Pay per booking when choosing the promotion for your advertisement. You can also add this functionality on the Platinum promotion by selecting the option ‘Activate online booking’ in your owner’s panel.

Activation of online booking requires the use of the booking engine AvaiBook. If you’re nt registered on AvaiBook, we will create a user account for you and register your accommodation free. Don’t forget to tell us your bank account number so we can pay you the money from the bookings.

If you already have a user account on AvaiBook, we will link it to your Rentalia account and transfer the prices you’ve already configured.

When we register you on AvaiBook, we do it with an extremely advantageous and personalised plan. The cost of AvaiBook Plans vary depending on the number of accommodations you advertise but thanks to the Special plan sponsored by Rentalia, you can manage all the accommodations you have on Rentalia with online booking active.

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Updated on 20 December, 2018

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