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What is online booking and how does it work?

When you activate the online booking feature, we enable a form in your listing, which allows travellers, in addition to consulting the available dates and obtaining the budget calculation, to complete the payment of the booking quickly and securely.

Online booking will be activated whenever you choose the Premium promotion, or it will be optional if you choose the Platinum promotion. View Rentalia’s publishing plans.

This feature is possible thanks to the integration with AvaiBook, idealista’s holiday rental management software.

Why AvaiBook?

Avaibook’s system allows you to receive payment for bookings and gives you access to management tools to automate your processes in a convenient and efficient way, and all of this for free, thanks to the agreement between Rentalia and AvaiBook.

When you activate the online booking feature, Rentalia will automatically generate an AvaiBook subscription for you, from which the booking payments will be managed. If you already have an AvaiBook subscription, you will be able to continue working with it and link your Rentalia listing in just a few clicks.

You will have an AvaiBook account, independent from the Rentalia dashboard, and from there you will be able to manage everything related to your online bookings (payment plan configuration, settlements, invoices), and also enjoy additional tools that will allow you to streamline your management. AvaiBook allows you to synchronise your accommodation calendar with other portals, we recommend you do so to ensure that it is always up to date.

Bookings under your control

The bookings you receive through this system will always be under your control, nobody will be able to book your holiday home without your prior acceptance.

  1. Every time a traveller sends you a booking request, you will receive a notification via email and SMS and you simply have to accept it. The dates will be temporarily blocked in your calendar and you will have 24 hours to accept or reject the request, otherwise it will automatically expire.
  2. When you accept the booking, we will charge the traveller the advance payment you have set and we will automatically mark the dates as booked in your calendar.
  3. The charging plan for the rest of the reservation can be configured in different ways. Here we tell you about it.
  4. After the traveller’s check-in, we will send you the money by bank transfer (48 hours after the check-in day). You will receive the net amount (after deducting the commission of your Rentalia Premium promotion).

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Updated on 28 December, 2021

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