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What is online booking and how does it work?

With this functionality, we make a booking form available in your advertisement so that travellers who want to book with you can see available dates, get a price estimate, and pay the deposit.

Whenever this happens, you will receive an email and a text message to let you know. You’ll have 24 hours to accept or reject the booking request, otherwise it will expire automatically.

The bookings you receive through this system will always be under your control. No one can book in your accommodation without your prior permission.

Once you’ve confirmed the booking request, we will automatically mark the dates in your calendar. At the same time, AvaiBook will charge the traveller the deposit and retain it until 48 hours after the check-in date.

You will receive the rest of the money at the moment and by the method you chose for the advert.

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Updated on 18 December, 2018

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